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Discover why 5,600 businesses call Elk Grove Village A Beyond Business Friendly Community

Elk Grove Village is home to the largest industrial park in the United States. With over 62 million square feet of industrial inventory, fast-access to national and worldwide freight networks, and a diverse talent-ready hiring network, the Elk Grove Village Business Park is Beyond Business Friendly.

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Referred to as “the most business-friendly community in America,” Elk Grove Village continuously invests in infrastructure, technology, and business development programs while making it easy to connect with village leadership. See how the numbers stack up in the EGV Competitive Analysis to see how the Elk Grove Village Business Park is leading the way in company support, sustainability, innovation, and industrial development.

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The Place for Manufacturing & Logistics

Elk Grove Village manufacturers fuel the local and global economy by transforming raw materials into critical parts for products and designs that make, shape and create the world we live in. While manufacturers rely on transportation to efficiently ship products (locally and globally) and improve business relationships, logistic companies are able to leverage the highly connected transportation area to expand its services.

The Industrial Park

Industrial Park Elk Grove Village

Home to 6 square miles of industrial park.

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Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Elk Grove Village

Elk Grove’s upcoming plans to improve infrastructure.

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A Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce Elk Grove Village

Tap into Chicagoland’s large network of skilled workers.

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A Logistic Powerhouse

Logistics Elk Grove Village

Fueling the local and global economy.

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